Apart from all the regulation/audit stuff

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replica handbags china No racing has taken place since Wednesday after six cases of the highly replica bags nyc contagious virus were found at Donald McCain’s Cheshire stable last week.Paddy Power even offered 1 8 about meetings being staged by next Sunday and the Dublin based layer made the Cheltenham Festival, due to start on March 12, 66 1 ON to take place as planned.But plans for an imminent resumption were thrown into chaos after a BHA bulletin last night which revealed that four horses trained by Simon Crisford at the Kremlin House Stables on Newmarket’s Fordham Road have been confirmed as replica wallets infected by equine flu.”This yard is one of the 174 which has been required to undergo testing due to the fact that runners from the stable competed at the fixture at Newcastle on 5 February, which had been identified as a potential risk fixture. At the moment the affected horses are all contained within this yard.”The Newmarket community including licensed trainers, veterinary surgeries, replica zara bags farriers, racing school and all other relevant bodies replica bags near me are being advised to continue to show increased vigilance in biosecurity.”McCain did not have runners at Newcastle’s all weather Flat meeting last Tuesday.But the Gosforth Park card did attract two horses from Co Durham yard of Rebecca Menzies, where horses originally flagged up as ‘suspicious’ by the BHA were yesterday given a clean bill of health.While Crisford’s Newmarket neighbour Charlie Appleby received the ‘all clear’ from 101 horses swabbed last week, champion National Hunt trainer Nicky Henderson is still waiting for the result of tests at his Seven Barrows stable in Lambourn on Friday morning.”I’ve got nothing on my results at all I have heard nothing,” said Henderson.”All we can do is sit tight. We’re all in the same boat. replica handbags china

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