But only 378 people were prosecuted for the crime in 2017/18

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replica bags reddit And across Greater Manchester, alleyways, streets and green spaces have become regular targets for fly tippers who dump everything from filthy bags of trash to rotten cooking 7a replica bags meaning waste throughout the region.Town hall chiefs from across Greater Manchester say they are just as frustrated with fly tipping as residents and have vowed to continue their efforts to crack down on the practice.But only 378 people were prosecuted for the crime in 2017/18, according to the latest figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.Four councils, Trafford, Stockport, Tameside and Wigan, didn’t carry out any prosecutions in that time.Of the 38,099 incidents recorded across the region over the year, less than half (17,519) resulted in investigations, fines or court action.Perhaps unsurprisingly, the city of Manchester had the highest number of reported cases of fly tipping, with 17,497.Council bosses say Manchester had a higher rate of prosecution than the national average and the highest rate replica bags and shoes across Greater Manchester.(Image: Manchester Evening News)They stressed that action is taking on all fly tipping cases detected by officers or referred by the public, but pointed out that strong evidence replica bags pakistan is required to gain a conviction.But campaigners say councils need to enhance their efforts to crack down on fly replica bags vuitton tippers who cause misery for our local communities.He says: “These figures seem to show that you’ve got a good chance of getting away with it if you’re fly tipping.”There are still far too many grotspots that the councils should be doing something about. There is just not enough chance of being caught, particularly outside the city centre and particularly at night.”Paul says businesses are too often allowed to get away with ‘stingy service contracts’ that lead to rubbish piling up.”They also need to ask why people are leaving domestic rubbish next to litter bins, it’s because domestic rubbish collections are inadequate,” he added.This Jet2 passenger had a drunken meltdown on a flight now he’s in prisonPaul says councils needs to ‘name and shame’ fly tippers who are convicted, adding: “It’s cheaper for people to take the risk than get rid responsibly. They need to change the whole system.”. replica bags reddit

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